Episode 1

Published on:

16th Feb 2021

Our Lives in Taiwan - Part 1

Hello listeners and a happy belated Chinese New Year. It has been a while since you have heard my voice. I want to apologize for the delay of this episode. Lots of things have been happening at work and I have been struggling to catch up. Also, I can’t really do too much editing after Wednesday. This episode was recorded on February 19th 2021. Today we take a break from gaming and talk about us and our lives in Taiwan. Adam and I go into the reason we moved to Taiwan, what was it like living here in the beginning and some stories. This is the first part of a potential two-part series because we ran out of time as usual. Look forward to the next part airing the first week of March. As always if you like what we do, please follow our YouTube, Twitch and Facebook channel. Come along and reminisce with us…

Topics Covered Today:

1.   Why we moved to Taiwan

2.   What were the initial years like

3.   Studying Chinese or the lack of it

4.   Finding a job here

5.   Moving to Taiwan

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