Episode 20

Published on:

13th Jan 2021

Does History Have Replay Value?

Hey everyone, welcome back my name is Crian and today on “After The Show” we are not quite “After The Show” since this is the only episode for today. We talk about whether history has replay value? This episode was recorded on January 12th 2020. Now, for the sake of argument we’re not going to be limiting this to real world history but also in-universe history, or canon, of the respective game. And the question is, how strictly should games stick to pre-established, quote-unquote, facts? For example, should they provide an accurate depiction of people, places and events, an “optimal” or “preferred” depiction, or should they just throw that all out the window and just have fun with it. As always if you like what we do, please follow our YouTube, Twitch and Facebook channel. It really does help and makes a huge difference. Get ready for one hell of a discussion!


Topics Covered:

1.   Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

2.   Battlefield V

3.   Historical Accuracy

4.   Inclusivity/Race

5.   Fun Games

6.   Star Wars

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