Episode 25

Published on:

27th Feb 2021

All Things News - February 23, 2021

Crian and Adam get into some recent news in the gaming sphere.

Crian's News

Nintendo Switch  games are more expensive than Wii or WiiU games

Switch games are more expensive than they were on Nintendo's previous consoles. But whose to blame? Is it corporate greed or fanboys wililng to pay any price at the center of the problem?

GPU Shortage Reaches Taiwan

Thanks to crypto currency mining, GPUs have been hard to come by. In Taiwan, however, things were a little better... for a while.

Adam's News

PS5 drift investigation suggests DualSense sticks ‘have a life of 417 hours

Recent reports indicate that the DS5's stick drift issue may be pretty common. What's worse, it doesn't seem like they're designed with longevity in mind.

Investor At Center Of GameStop Stock Fiasco Says He "Barely" Understands It

Keith Gill, one of the investors behind the recent surge in GameStop's stock, claims he isn't quite sure how the whole thing happened.

Some viewers of Metallica’s BlizzCon performance heard the least metal music imaginable

Metallica was set to perform at this year's online BlizzCon event. In a twist of poetic irony, their music was stripped from the main Twitch stream and replaced with royalty free music.

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