Episode 33

Published on:

7th May 2021

A Frenchman, an American, and... and Englishman?

This week's episode sees our favorite duo become a trio as Middle Aged Gaming adds a new member to their party, Antoine.

Antoine and Adam give us two game reviews while Crian covers the news.

Antoine's Game

Skies of Arcadia

This game goes all the way back to the Dreamcast, but could later also be found on the Gamecube. Skies of Arcadia puts you in the pilot seat as the sky-pirate Vyse. With classic turned based combat and ship to ship engagements, this game does not skimp on the action. But, of course, it wouldn't be a pirate's life without the freedom to travel the world on a whim. Explore multiple nations and recruit allies to make your crew the best of the bunch.

This game is "Arrrrrrrrsome"!

Adam's Game


Brought to you from the mad mind that gave us Katamari Damacy, Wattam is a fanciful game filled with bright colors, blocky shapes, and strange characters. With no threat of a game over or no possible way to lose, have fun experimenting and playing around with trees, toilets, lawnmowers, facial features, and much more as you kaboom your way to bringing back the family after a the apocalypse. And if that last sentence didn't make sense to you, you understood it perfectly.

Crian's News

Sony recently worked out a deal with Discord to incorporate the chat platform into their PlayStation consoles. Why was this necessary and what can we expect in the future is anyone's guess.

After announcing that they'd be reducing their cut on games from their store on the PC, Microsoft explored reducing their cut of games on the XBox, but then later decided not to. Crian, Antoine, and Adam have their theories why. Do you agree with their assessments?

Following up on the last article, Crian poses the question, how can game companies keep up the recent momentum in growth that games have seen since the beginning of the recent pandemic?

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